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Wallboxes allow you to charge your electric vehicle at home.


You can find some wallbox tests linked here:



Important: question supposedly cheap offers

You will always stumble across supposedly super-cheap offers or mega bargains. But be smart!

Question these offers critically. Nobody has anything to give away. In most cases, you pay for such offers by other means, e.g. by becoming extremely dependent on compatible devices, on a specific energy provider or by losing control of your data. Watch out for sections of the contract that allow providers to charge fees at a later date that you cannot object to.

We do not advise against such offers per se. Sometimes they may suit your requirements. However, be aware of the compromises you are making.

Our tip

Tinkerforge offers wallboxes with open architecture that are easy to expand and offer a variety of functions. This means you can easily benefit from new developments and integrate them into your existing box without much effort.

Link: Tinkerforge wallboxes